Breastfeeding & Nutritional Needs for Moms

Like eating healthy during pregnancy, eating healthy while breastfeeding involves getting the right balance of good for you foods. But what’s a mom to do once baby arrives and lack of sleep sets in? Its easy to fall off the clean eating plan but trust me, both you and baby still need to eat foods that boost energy and give you stamina to be the best mom to your little one.

Eating nutrient-rich foods throughout the day will maximize the lack of energy you will have as a new mom. If you’re nursing, the quality of your breast milk will pretty much stay the same regardless of what you choose to eat. But that’s because when you aren’t getting the needed nutrients from your diet, your body will provide them from your own stores. So making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you and your baby needs will benefit both of you.

Aim to get the following servings of nutrient-rich foods as a regular part of your diet:

Trust me, your body and baby will thank you!

Lactating women should aim to get the following each day:

Protein: 3 servings – grass fed beef, pastured chicken and eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, etc.

Calcium: 5 servings – dark leafy greens, broccoli, etc.

Iron-rich foods: 1 or more servings – grass fed beef, black strap molasses, spinach, etc.

Vitamin C: 2 servings – green vegetables, citrus fruits, red bell pepper, etc.

Green leafy greens, fruits: 3 to 4 servings

Whole-grain and complex carbohydrates: 3 or more servings – gluten free grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats. etc.

High-fat foods: small amounts — you don’t need as much as you did during pregnancy – coconut oil, avocado, nuts, etc.

At least 8 cups of water, juice, coconut water or other non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages

DHA-rich foods to promote baby’s brain growth (i.e. wild salmon, sardines, and DHA-enriched eggs)

Prenatal vitamin (daily)

Fermented foods – sauerkraut, water kefir, fermented pickles. etc.

And while your doctor may say you can eat ANYTHING after baby is born including sushi, unpasteurized cheese, etc. Keep in mind some foods may not agree with baby such as excess of caffeine, chocolate, broccoli, beans and too many high fiber foods.

General rule of thumb to adhere too is everything in moderation.


Babywearing Awareness Week

It’s that time of year again — International Babywearing Week, Babes in Arms (October 7-13, 2013). The goal is to raise awareness about babywearing and all it’s benefits for children and caregivers alike.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, babywearing simply means holding or carrying a baby or toddler using some sort of cloth carrier. There are tons of benefits to babywearing with medical experts agreeing that infants thrive through touch and wearing your baby is another way to meet this need.

In various cultures across the world, babies are constantly in the arms of caregivers. While some may argue that a baby who is constantly held or worn will be fussy, quiet the opposite is true. I know from personal experience when my son is fussy especially when we are outside the home the easiest way to offer him comfort is to wear him.

In addition to helping infants develop emotionally and socially, babywearing also meets their physical needs. Post birth, the experience of being held close to a caregivers body helps them recall the peace they felt in the womb.

According to Dr. Sears, babywearing stimulates the infant’s vestibular system, the parts of the inner ear that work like levels or sensors to control the body’s sense of balance. This stimulation helps babies breathe and grow, regulates their physiology, and improves motor development.

From my own personal experience, I can attest that a baby carrier has been a saving grace in our household. It’s one of those items I tell all expecting moms to add to their registry.

The variety and selection of carriers can be quiet overwhelming, the two that I tried, which have worked best for our family have been the Maya ring sling and Ergobaby. The Maya ring sling worked best when Jeremy was little 1-4 months), though you can certainly hip or back carry much older kids. In our experience neither baby nor mama could get comfortable so we switched to Ergobaby.

I honestly cannot say enough great things about the brand. It’s saved me many, many times by allowing me to go hands free including breastfeeding in public without having to whip a boob out. There have been plenty public encounters where baby is feeding and the person I’m speaking to has no idea, they think baby is simply sleeping in my arms, which 95% of the time he is. The rest of the 5% he is mostly smiling and taking in the world around him.

Here are a few family babywearing shots. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.





Sambazon Superfood Smoothies Review

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

I was recently given an opportunity to review Sambazon juices and smoothies. I was pretty enthusiastic as I had seen these before at the supermarket, but had yet to try them. Sambazon juices and smoothies come in 10 different flavor varieties, and are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and omega 3-6-9’s. They offer unprecedented nutritional benefits and fit nicely into a variety of dietary lifestyles i since they’re vegan, gluten-free, and are USDA certified Organic. Talk about whole food nutrition!

Sambazon Wooden Bowl & Spoon with Coupons I received as part of the review

If you aren’t familiar with the Sambazon brand, they offer a full range of fresh and organic juices, smoothies and frozen products in a variety of delicious and exotic flavors. Their products are made with premium quality whole food Amazon plants and fruits that deliver the highest bio-available nutrition. This company is truly dedicated to bringing the next level of nutrition to the world while supporting the enivronmental and social well-being of the Brazillian Amazon and its people. Sambazon is both Organic and Fair Trade certified, supporting two million acres of the Amazon rainforest and over 10,000 family farmers.

Available in a range of flavors, Sambazon juices and smoothies pack a powerhouse of health benefits. Check your local grocery store or Whole Foods for the following flavors:

Sambazon Organic Juices & Smoothies

Sambazon Organic Juices & Smoothies

– Acai/Antioxidant : the original Amazon superfood juice bursting with powerful antioxidants and healthy omegas.

– Energy: potent blend of Acai berries, Yerba Mate, and Guarana delivers a while food experience that boosts the body and mind the way nature intended.

– Protein: indulgent smoothies packed with 10g of organic vegan whole food protein per bottle and healthy omegas to keep you full longer.

– Supergreen with Kale + Ginger: potent blend of Acai berries, a powerful new blend of six varieties plus a hint of ginger. Since I’m a huge fan of green jucie smoothies, this was my favorite and go to flavor to try. It was delicious without being overly sweet and a flavor I will definitely go back too. I may even consider purchasing the Sambazon Acai juice that I’ve seen at Costco to add to my own green juices for added boost of anitoxidants.

– Blended Breakfast: first beverage to combine while fruit with ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, chia and Organic/Non-GMO verified soy milk for a smoothie that sustains and nourishes.

To learn more about Sambazon or to discover where to purchase Sambazon check them out on:

Sambozan Blog:

20 Things Every Parent Should Hear

Since recently becoming a parent myself, I find the below list of “20 Things Every Parent Should Hear” an absolute must for any new parent too read. With a new baby come the opinions from everyone and their mother — trust me, been there, done that. And when you are exhausted and trying to adjust too parenthood, let’s face it, the last thing you want to hear if someone telling you that you or questioning things you know you are doing well. Case in point, “are you sure your producing enough milk (here this from my mother in law every time I see her or speak to her — and for the record baby is great, thriving and doing well), he needs another layer of clothing, by holding him so much your going to spoil him” and the list goes on and on.

So next time you feel like you are in a parenting rut, read through Beth Woolsey’s endearing list of “20 Things Every Parent Should Hear” and know you are doing an excellent job in taking care of your little one. And if all else fails, grab a glass of wine, shut the door and take a moment of peace, you deserve it.

20 Things Every Parent Should Hear

By Beth Woolsey 

1. You are a hero for your kids. You are. You’re a go-the-distance, fight-the-dragon, face-the-challenges hero for your kids. Taking a beating makes that more true. Not less.

2. We all struggle. Every parent. Everywhere. We all second-guess ourselves. And we all want to quit sometimes. Hold the good times close, and when things are tough, remember, “this, too, shall pass.”

3. Finding the funny may not save your soul, but it will save your sanity. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, look for the humor and embrace the crazy. Laughter is a lifeline.

4. Every day, you will feel like you have mishandled something. Like you’ve been impatient. Like you’ve misjudged. Like you’ve been too harsh. Like you’ve been too lenient. You may be right. Apologize if you need to and then, whatever. Seriously. Just whatever. Let it go.

5. The crazy, the crying, the cuddles. The screaming, the sacred, the scared. The minutes, the magic, the mess. It’s all part of it. And it’s all worth it.

6. Family is the best. Even when it’s not perfect. And it’s never perfect. Ever.

7. At the end of organization, at the end of patience, at the end of perfection, we die to ourselves. And then love rises from the ashes. It sucks. And then it gets better. And then it sucks again. Still, love rises.

8. You will never regret parenting. Except for the teeny, tiny tons of times when you secretly wonder if you maybe regret it just a little. But, overall, never. And overall is what counts in the end.

9. Parenting is like climbing the big mountain. Look for the base camp. That’s where you rest, meet other climbers, take in oxygen and acclimatize. Base camp is what makes summiting possible.

10. You are not alone in this strange, vast, parenting ocean. Even in the dark of night. You are not alone. You’re not.

11. Kids know the way to magical and they’ll give you a free pass to come along. Breathe in the magic as long as you can, because that same kid is going to poop his pants in just a minute.

12. There’s a very fine line between enjoying the chaos and barely surviving. Actually, there’s no line at all. It’s all mixed up together. That “fine line” thing is a lie.

13. If you pay attention, kids will teach you how to laugh loudly, how to love deeply and how to live fully. They will also ruin all your stuff.

14. Any number of kids is a lot of kids.

15. Look for joy. You’ll find it in the middle of the busy. Or under the ridiculous. Or hanging from the overwhelmed in its underpants. Joy’s like that. It’s in the middle of everything. It’s completely unpredictable. And it will surprise you when you’re not expecting it. Like vomit and diarrhea, except good.

16. You will fall apart and do it all wrong. Forgive yourself. Ask your kids to forgive you. Set an example of resilient fallibility. Set an example of practicing the art of love — both loving yourself and loving others. No one does this parenting gig right the first time. Or the last time. Or the times in between. Showing your kids how to keep going after getting it wrong is a wonderful gift to give them.

17. Kids are difficult, gross, confusing and awesome. So are you.

18. Parenting will bring you face-to-face with yourself. It may be terrifying. It may break you. But it will also rebuild you, and you will be stronger than you ever thought possible.

19. Balance is a myth. Parenting isn’t a tight-rope walk; it’s a dance. Strive for rhythm instead of balance, and trust yourself to move to the ever-changing beat.

20. Yes, you will have days where you wonder where the hell the capable and organized you went. Yes, you will sit on the floor of the main aisle at Target by the check-out area with a child who is thrashing, screaming and calling you names. Yes, you will have to tell your child that the dog is not a napkin and to put down the urinal cake. If you do not do all those things literally, then you will do them figuratively. And yes, you will also hold that child and rock back and forth and tell him you love him and tell him he’s safe and tell him you’re not leaving even though he will someday leave you. This is parenting. It is tragic and triumphant. Messy and magical. Sacred and spectacular. And it is, always, fiercely worthwhile.

Original Source: Beth Woolsey for Huffington Post Parents