Kid Approved Green Juice Smoothie

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat their daily intake of fruits and veggies? Try introducing them to a kid approved green juice smoothie.

I’ve watched my niece and nephew countless times at meal time. While Jarred (3 ½ years old) is a voracious and adventurous eater his cousin, Isabella (3 years old) isn’t always keen on eating everything presented to her.

So when recently experimenting in the kitchen with different green juice smoothie recipes, I stumbled upon a greens and fruit combination that speaks to kids sweet tooth while packing a hefty punch in the nutrients department.

But the real seal of approval came from Jarred when he gulped the Kid Approved Green Juice Smoothie in seconds and requested more. So if you are interested in getting your little ones to drink their nutrients, here are six easy tips for an easy transition:

 1. Start Slow. Trying to be bold and packing in extra greens on your first attempt will not win you green smoothie converts.  Instead, start with mild greens such as organic baby spinach to build your child’s palate and make for an easier transition. Add fruits that pack a punch such as kiwi, frozen mangos and berries. Experiment with filtered water, coconut water, almond milk or rice milk to add flavor. Over time, add in more green vegetables and taper down the fruit.

My nephew Jarred enjoying his Green Hulk Juice Smoothie

Jarred’s Green Hulk Juice Smoothie 

Yields 6-8 serving

2 cups organic baby spinach

2 cups organic kale

1 peeled and chopped kiwi

1 sliced granny smith apple

1 knob ginger

1 cup Trader Joe’s Frozen Mango

2 ½ cups filtered water

Add all ingredients into high-powered blender and allow to blend for 60 seconds or until everything is blended.

2. Set an Example. You can’t just expect your child to want to drink the green juice smoothie unless you set an example yourself. Incorporate a green juice smoothie into your own routine and get all members of the family involved.

3. Name Your Smoothies. Does your child have a favorite character? Why not name the drink after them?

4. Add a Straw or Special Cup. What better way to get kids to enjoy their smoothie than adding a twist to it? Jarred drank his juice in a “special” cup but adding a silly straw will do the same, just make sure to rinse any leftover smoothie and air dry.

5. Prep Together. Get your child involved in the process of green juice smoothie preparation from purchasing fruits/veggies at your local farmer’s market/grocer to slicing and blending.

6. Encourage Healthy Choices: Set a routine and boundaries for healthy eating. Case in point, when your child wants to indulge in a not-so-healthy snack, offer them a green juice smoothie instead.



  1. New follower here from Bloggy Moms FMFY
    Do not tel my kiddos that I throw in an occasional zuccinni or red cabbage, or carrotts, or anything handy into their smoothies! They have no clue. They love love love them. Something about smoothies that kids like. I like your idea of naming the smoothie! Great idea. It’s the little things.
    Nancy-of the crazy 9

  2. Hi, new follower from Bloggy Moms! These are great tips that I will definitely try out on my kids! All they ever want to eat is chicken nuggets! Looking forward to your posts!

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment. I’m expecting my first child in February so for now I’m resorting to trying out different tips and recipes on my niece and nephew. Let me know how your kids like the smoothie juice : )

  3. Love the advice to slowly increase the veggies and taper down the fruit… that really works! Like your blog!

    • Hi, great — I’m so happy you like the advice! If your like keeping fruits in try experimenting with variety of low sugar fruits like green apples and all sorts of berries. I’ve noticed using frozen fruits is more budget friendly in the colder months (I’m on the East Coast) and adds a nice, slushy consistency the little ones seem to enjoy better.

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