Weekly Wellness Wire 1.11.13

MindBodyWell | Wellness Wire 1.11.13

Hello and Happy Friday! Did this week feel like it dragged for anyone? I am seriously happy that today is Friday considering that my husband is off this whole weekend, which means we have time to spend together and continue preparing our apartment for the impending arrival of our baby late next month.

Today is another roundup of my Weekly Wellness Wire, this week I’ve got a few stories regarding children, since that seems to be constantly on my mind these days — hmm, wonder why? Enjoy this collection of news and articles I found interesting or informative to close out this week. Happy Weekend!

New Research on the Health Benefits of Herbs & Spices — WellandGood NYC

Is the Medical community failing breastfeeding moms? — Time Healthland

Researchers Say Antibiotics Before 6 Months May be Linked to Obesity — Inhabitots

3 Sunscreen safety tips your probably don’t know but definitely should — Healthy Child, Healthy World

Study says Dad’s mental health affects baby’s behavior — TheBump

Snack Boxes — The latest health eating trend? — Time Healthland

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